Blessed is the one who endures all kind of trails


About two years ago the Lord gave me a word, but He did not allow me to release it until now.

I was talking to Holy Spirit about my day. There was so much joy and gratefulness in my heart. But suddenly, I could feel that the atmosphere was changing. I could feel that Holy Spirit was grieved. My heart became heavy as Holy Spirit said to me:

" My children are busy defiling My temple. They are calling the things that I made holy, common. There is more fear of man in their hearts than the Fear of the Lord. They walk in the ways of pleasing man and not obeying My voice. I AM going to start to purify the body of Christ. I AM going to separate the Holy from the unholy. I AM going to bring a restoration in the hearts of those who fear Me. I AM going to cleanse and purify the gifts of the body of Christ. I will remove and separate those who are not walking in holiness from those who are willing to go through the purifying, cleansing fire. I AM going to shift My heart to a handful of chosen, dedicated, God-fearing, sold-out lovers, ready to be used as vessels of Honour in service to their King.
Everyone is calling for revival, but very few are willing to endure and birth what is necessary. There is a misconception of what revival is in My children's hearts. It is because they are so quick to follow a man and his ideas and opinions. But they do not come to My Word and look and ask Me if this is false or true. People are being deceived because they do not know My Word.  They do not know My character or the way I move which causes them to have man-made ideas of who I AM. They do not make the time to come to the secret place of My heart so that they can know Me intimately. How I long to share with them the secrets and mysteries of who I AM.
I AM longing to pour out Truth into their hearts. There are some of My children who are misusing the gifts I have given them, allowing others to make them a god in their hearts. They have abandoned their First Love. They are seeking fame and fortune and building an unholy temple with living stones for themselves, all in the name of Jesus. They are bringing in deception by leading others away from their true Love. My children are seeking pleasures in My temple through the gifts and callings of others instead of finding their pleasure in Me. They are seeking all kinds of manifestations instead of seeking Me. "

By now my heart was heavy because Truth was revealing Himself. Holy Spirit started to show me in a vision the hearts of those in leadership positions. Their hearts had two thrones inside of them. One throne was made from pure gold. It was adorned with the finest jewels and gemstones man has ever seen. The gemstones were sparkling as the light in their hearts moved over it. It looked like one gemstone was more precious than the other. They were all different in sizes and colours, trying to outshine one another. Directly opposite of this golden throne was another throne. This throne, smaller in stature, was made from pure glass. You could see right through this throne from every side. As the light in their hearts moved over this throne you could see that inside this see-through throne of glass were smaller gemstones and jewels. Holy Spirit asked me to go and sit on each throne. My eyes were drawn to the throne made from pure gold. I looked at Holy Spirit not quite sure which throne I must go and sit on first. With a gentle smile and nod from Holy Spirit, I walked directly to the throne made from pure gold. As I walked closer, I could see that the gemstones became more radiant. I was fascinated as these gemstones began to sing a beautiful song. The melody of these gemstones is a melody that I have heard before. Their words of praise are words familiar to me. I caught myself singing with these gemstones. It felt as if I was walking in step with the beat of their song. The throne was huge in proportion to me. It took me a while to climb up and sit on this throne. Looking closer I could see the elaborate detail of workmanship of this throne. I felt like a little girl sitting on a grown-up's chair. I must admit that the throne was very uncomfortable. The gemstones and jewels were sticking out, making me feel like I was sitting on an uncomfortable stone that was rough at the edges. Something wasn't right with these gemstones. As I was sitting on the throne it sounded like some of the gemstones were out of tune and others were out of time. They were not in perfect harmony. Even their words that sounded so familiar to me at first were not sounding quite right anymore. It was as if their words of praise were not in the right order. The longer I sat on the throne, the more I started to notice that there were flaws, not seen at first sight, on this throne. In my heart I started to feel uncomfortable. Then suddenly, the words of praise from the gemstones were in the correct order. All the gemstones were singing in harmony. This brought me great comfort, but still in my heart something made me feel uneasy. I decided I was going to go and sit on the see-through throne of glass.

As I was walking away from the golden throne, I could not see Holy Spirit anywhere. It took me quite a while before I saw the see-through throne of glass. Walking up to the throne I could hear that these gemstones were also singing a beautiful song. Its melody was soothing, and its words of worship brought me great comfort. This throne was not as large as the golden throne. I was not quite sure if I was going to fit on the throne. The glass looked very delicate and I was afraid that I would break it. Standing right in front of the see-through throne of glass, I could see that the gemstones were dripping blood. Gently I went and sat on the throne. I closed my eyes as I heard the glass cracking underneath me. Immediately I wanted to stand up, but it was as I feared. I was stuck on this throne. Holding my breath, hoping that this glass throne would not break, I heard the song of the gemstones more clearly. I could hear a second song that was being sung. It was the blood dripping from the gemstones that was singing. The two songs made a beautiful sound. They were singing of love, intimacy, holiness, mercy and righteousness. The rhythm of this song was quite different from the other golden throne’s rhythm. I found comfort in this melody, it sounded like many voices singing at once, yet every word was as clear as it could be. With my eyes closed and my breath held, my heart began to beat in rhythm with this song. For a moment I forgot where I was, and I could feel that the holiness of my Father was very close. Still hearing the throne cracking underneath me, I took a large breath and started to worship with these gemstones. The more I worshipped, the more I forgot where I was. The see-through throne of glass was cold to my touch, but the words of the gemstones were like a fire to my soul. After a while I realised that the cracking sound of the glass stopped. I opened my eyes and could not believe what I saw. Either the throne grew, or I shrunk, but the throne was perfect in size.

Holy Spirit said to me: " humbleness in the Kingdom of YHVH makes you grow and fit into the perfect size. Whenever a man-made throne is established, it will always be bigger so that man’s ego can fit on it. I AM going to separate these two thrones from one another. Those who are sitting on the golden throne will be able to rule their own kingdom, but those who are willing to grow into the see-through throne of glass, will be able to guide those whom I love in humbleness, purity, holiness and righteousness. There will be no place for "self" on this see-through throne of glass. As soon as they bring their own works, it will break. The gifts I have placed inside of them will be hidden for the world, but on display for those who seek Me in intimacy, in righteousness and in holiness.
I have promised to give to the world the desires of their hearts. Some will desire fame and fortune, some will desire a new car and a bigger house, more gifting or a bigger platform. And I will give them these desires. There will be others that desire more intimacy, to walk with the Spirit of Wisdom, to know the Spirit of Knowledge, to see the Spirit of Fear of the Lord, and I will give it to them. There will be those who desire to have a hunger for the Bridegroom, to help bring in the harvest and to govern in My courts, I will give it to them.
So many of My children say, "that the Lord knows my heart" and therefore I'm doing what I am doing, but very few take the time to know what is upon My heart. For there will be a few that will desire to know My heart and walk according to it. In these days I will start to give you the desire of your heart, but very few will give Me the desire of My heart. I urge you My beloved to search your own heart and see what is in there and ask Me to remove anything that was built by your own hands. You must make sure and be certain of what your desire in your heart is. The time has come where I am going to restore whatever man has made common, that which was supposed to be holy, holy again. For what I make holy no man will make unholy or common again. I am going to restore My holiness in My people. I'm going to restore My temple. I'm going to restore the offices and calling of the humble and pure of heart."

It is in these last two years that the Lord has really been challenging the desires of my own heart. Little by little, step by step, the cleansing and purifying fire of YHVH is moving upon my desires. This is where Holy Spirit is showing me which desires come from myself and which desires are in line with the will of my Father, taking me deeper into the ministry of His heart. This is a place where pride must be dealt with. In this process Holy Spirit has been showing me how quickly we bow our knees to the fear of man, how quickly we can manipulate one another in order to be pleasing to self. In this journey that we are on, each and everyone of us will have to make the decision whether we are going to please man or obey YHVH - if we want to stay in the place that is comfortable or if we are willing to go through the process of becoming holy, because God is Holy. For if you obey YHVH, you will look different than the rest of the world. We so desperately don't want to look different from the world and therefore we are willing to compromise, but the time has come for us to start looking like the sons of God and not the sons of this world.

It is very clear in the season that we are all in, that the Lord is moving from the house of Saul to the house of David. But even in this house of David there will be a remnant. For the Lord is going to start to separate the sons of God from the bride of Christ. It is this bride of Christ that will be the remnant inside of the House of David. You are either going to walk in obedience, in righteousness, in purity, in holiness and in intimacy, or you are going to walk according to your own heart’s desires. It is a season where the sons of God are going to be manifested in this world, but it is also a season where the bride will come into full maturity.


Shama Shalom

Marikha and Family