3 January 2016

Preparing for the birth

  • At the beginning of 2015, a word of Wisdom came to a man of God that was prophesying over me. For almost 3 and a half years the Lord had been preparing me to stand in a ministry. I had to go back to school – Holy Spirit’s school. I was constantly learning to fight in the spirit, cleansing my DNA and breaking generational curses. How to walk in the Light of Yeshua, how I was made, who I am in Christ, and how Abba sees me was all part of the learning. It was a time where the Lord constantly gave me these words “Be still and know that I Am God. Ps 46:10” I learned that it does not mean to sit still and do nothing, it means to get your old self out of the way in order for YHVH to work in you. Do not try and take control of circumstances, but ask YHVH what He wants to do. It is a place where you start to walk in the Kingdom and not according to the world. It is one of the hardest things to learn in life.

During this time I received promises from Abba Father through His Word. Some have come to pass, and for the others, I will stand in faith and wait for YHVH to finish the good work He has started in me.

Holy Spirit started to release the Spirit of Prophecy in me in the beginning of 2015. YHVH said that “He has called me to bring the Light to the world, that He will use me to bring Truth to large crowds of people. He will send me to many places”

YHVH said that He is birthing a new ministry through me.  That night I had a dream where Holy Spirit asked me to start a website, where all the teachings that I receive from Holy Spirit can be downloaded, and be spread all around the world.

YHVH said that He already chose the person to design the website. He said “It will be a man that walks the road I walk, he will have the same beliefs I have, and he will know what YHVH wants him to do on the site.”

The next morning I told my husband Jaco what the Lord showed me in my dream, and that was where I left it.

In October of 2015, Holy Spirit came to me in haste. Holy Spirit asked me to stop procrastinating and to start speaking life into the website, to pray over the person that will design it, and to start calling things as if it were already there. I could feel that Holy Spirit was very serious and that there was urgency in what He asked me to do. The next morning at Bible study, I shared the dream, and asked for prayer. I gave myself a deadline for when the website must be up and running, at the end of February 2016.

Oh how little faith did I have in the Lord for not trusting Him. 3 weeks later at a course at Hartbeespoortdam, I met the person who the Lord chose to design the website. Within 2 weeks he was busy designing the website.

The Lord asked me to have a launch party for the website. The Lord asked me to bring my first fruits that night and that we should speak blessings in the birth of this new ministry. I was very surprised when I realized that I do have first fruits to lay down on the Lord’s altar. YHVH gave me specific instructions of what He wanted for that night. The Lord told me that I will have a prophetic and teaching ministry. And when the ministry is born, there will be no stopping it. I was amazed to see what the Lord have been doing and how fast everything was coming together.

But I forgot something... I forgot that the website was only part of the ministry and that the Lord said that He would send me to people to teach them about His love and principles and the order of “I AM”.  I thought that the website was the promises being fulfilled. But no, when the Lord promises you something, He WILL do what He promises in full.

In November of 2015, we were on holiday, and Abba amazed me in how He works. In the swimming pool was a young pastor. He started to talk to my mother and said to her that Monday night at 1’o clock; the Lord woke him up and gave him a vision of a pale lady that is very pregnant. The Lord said that “she will give birth very soon. She has been pregnant for many years now, but the time has come to give birth. When this baby is born, nothing will be able to stop it, for I AM with her. She will have no birthing pains and I want you to help her.” The young man pointed to me and said, that is the lady that the Lord showed me. My mom said to him, “she is my daughter”. I stood amazed when he told me his dream, and I asked him to pray for me.

The birth of Abba Father’s new ministry will be on 8 January 2016. It is an appointed time that YHVH chose Himself.

The Lord told me that every seed that we sow, will have a harvested. The Lord showed me that on the night of 8 January, it will be a night of double blessings. For every spiritual seed that is sown, will double in the harvest what is to come and will be brought forth. Not just for the ministry, but also for the one that is sowing a seed of blessing.

The number 8 (the day) in the Bible has a spiritual meaning. It means New birth and New beginning.

The number 1 (January) means Unity and New beginning.

201620 means Redemption, 16 means Love.

8 January falls on a Friday which is a Shabbat and is an open portal to Abba Father. Sabbath is a time when YHVH releases things in the spirit for the season that is to come, it is a time when we draw near to God and He draws near to us.

All attendees are hand-picked by Abba Father and are first fruits.

We are all busy with the preparations for this big day. It is an honor for me to do this and give back to the ONE who gave life to me.

All the honor and glory goes to our Abba Father!!!!                                              

Shama Shalom, lots of love Marikha  and family YF