The download page is fill with resources that would help you to know Yeshua better, to learn about the hart of Abba and to allow Holy spirit guide you and teach you.

Most of the work is my own, however a lot of the information come from other sources or ministries. These would be clearly identifiable. I do not pretend that any of those documents are written by myself.

I do not intend to publish all good material from other source on this site’s download page, as there is just too much out there.

I would also like to encourage you to visit the site’s of these ministries if you need more information on a topic they address.

All the downloads are free and you are free to share it with friends and family, however most of the material is copy righted and may not be sold.

Mathew 10:8 Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.



Icon of Feasts Feasts 11 files

Feast Of First Fruits (349.9 KiB)

Feast Of Unleavend Bread (583.8 KiB)

Feasts Chart-Bg (110.7 KiB)

Manorah And Feast (44.8 KiB)

Pasach Feast Of Passover (419.9 KiB)

Shabbat (372.4 KiB)

The Feast Of Tabernacles (258.0 KiB)

The Feast Of Weeks-shavuot-Pentecost (250.0 KiB)

YHVH's Feast (734.0 KiB)

Yom Kippur (258.5 KiB)

Yom Teruah - The Feat Of Trumpets (558.2 KiB)

Icon of Prayers Prayers 22 files

Blessing Names Of God (328.4 KiB)

Breaking The Spirit Of Religion (250.8 KiB)

Breaking Un-Godly Soul Ties (205.8 KiB)

Circumcise My Day (182.4 KiB)

Cleansing Of My Seed (38.8 KiB)

Cleansing Of Time (65.7 KiB)

Daily Spiritual Warfare Prayer (34.9 KiB)

Daily Spiritual Warfare(Children) (32.8 KiB)

Fill Me With You (35.5 KiB)

Freemasonry Prayer (60.9 KiB)

Holy Sacrifice (15.5 KiB)

Lord Please Heal My Hidden Pain (37.9 KiB)

Lord Yeshua, Please Will You Heal Me (Children) (30.0 KiB)

New Moon Prayer (340.4 KiB)

Petition For The Mind Of Christ To Be Restored Within Me (118.5 KiB)

Prayer Against Satanic High Days (new) (314.3 KiB)

Prayer To Dismantle The Roots Of Rebellion (225.6 KiB)

Redemption For Families (42.7 KiB)

Sealing Of The Will Of YHVH And His Destiny For My Life (44.4 KiB)

Sealing Off Prayer (23.6 KiB)

Spiritual Warfare Prayer Against Satanic High Days (346.1 KiB)

Standing In The Gate Of .. (66.2 KiB)

7 Colors Of The Rainbow And The 7 Days Of Creation (395.7 KiB)

7 Redemptive Gifts,praying, Dark Spirits Coming Agents Them And Anointings (232.2 KiB)

Minorah And Redemptive Gifts (231.9 KiB)

Redemptive Gifts And The Tabernacle (617.9 KiB)

Redemptive Gifts Questionnaire By Kanaan Ministries (114.3 KiB)

Rom 12 4-8 Redemptive Gifts Summary (105.2 KiB)

Icon of Teaching Teaching 5 files

7-Colors-of-the-Rainbow-and-The-7-days-of-Creation (395.7 KiB)

John 11 (102.2 KiB)

Spiritual Seasons (434.9 KiB)

The Brides Cup,Love Cup And Yeshua's First Miracle (464.4 KiB)

The Word Has 7 Layers To It 29 Aug 2015 (73.6 KiB)