How do you describe the presence of YHVH?

This has been a long journey for us to come to this place. For many years, the calling upon my life was there. But I had to learn from Holy Spirit. My obedience was tested. YHVH was building character in me. Slowly I was dying to self, getting my own idea of what it means to be in service to the King. For years, the Lord would give me Psalm 46:10 “Be Still and Know That I AM God.” I came to a place inside of YHVH where I felt at peace, where I could be still and wait and see that He is my God. It is a place where I can be comfortable now. For 7 years, Holy Spirit took me by the hand. The promises of what my Father had told me to do was whispered into my ears. Every dream had to die in Christ, so that His Resurrection Power could breathe upon them. My constant prayer was that the Lord would let me take small steps at a time. I did not want to lose my focus. I wanted to keep my eyes fixed upon my Father’s will.

Close to the end of 2016 an opportunity was created for us to go to the Cape Province in March of 2017. Even though my spirit felt ready, I didn’t want to move out of the YHVH’s time. We prayed a lot about this matter. We clearly heard the Lord say that it is time for us as a ministry to take the next step. The Lord gave us clear instructions of what He wanted us to do and where to go. He gave me “1 John 4:7-19” to declare into the atmosphere over the continent of Africa. We decided to dedicate 16 days to the Cape Province, the whole journey took 18 days. The number 16 represents Love in Hebrew. For 18 days, our focus was on breaking the bondage over Africa so that the Love of the Father can be manifested (18 in Hebrew represents bondage). Our sole purpose was Kingdom and not taking a holiday.

We decided that we would plant seed in the form of prayer while driving. Every day we went from the place we stayed at to different destinations and beaches to pray.  to different destinations and beaches to pray. For this journey was in the Hands of the Lord. The first part of the journey took 8 hours until Gariep dam. Our first destination in the Cape was The Strand for 4 days. The Lord clearly told us that we had to begin on Table Mountain, to take in the gate over Africa, blowing the shofar, praying, releasing Word to call in the lost souls over Africa, releasing the Fathers Heart, blessing the messengers that are taking the good news of the Gospel of Peace and declaring every door that needs to be open, open.

The 3rd of March, the Friday morning we headed to Table Mountain. As we approached, we saw heavy mist starting to cover the mountain. When we got on top of the mountain, a Muslim lady turned to me and said: “Do you know that you are stepping into the Glory Cloud of your God”. I replied: “Yes, I will take that, thank you”. The mist was so cold and thick that we could hardly see in front of us. We prayed for guidance for where we should go on the mountain, we wanted a quiet spot where we would not offend people. Holy Spirit guided us to a place where a heart was eroded in a rock filled with water. We knew this was the spot. As the five of us were praying and declaring, we could feel the presence of Holy Spirit surrounding us. For a few moments, it was as if we were truly in the Glory Cloud.  There was a Light that shinning so bright that we thought it was the sun coming through, we opened our eyes expecting the mist to be cleared, but the mist was thicker. We took communion, declaring that the Lamb’s Body was broken for the nations. Then we blew the Shofar declaring the sound over the continent. A strong wind came and carried the sound. A group of people shouted out: “Do it again, blow it again for the bride!!!” We then blew the shofars again and there was a mighty sound of people agreeing around us as the wind took the sounds once again over Africa. It was an experience of a Fathers love that would go with us on this journey.

On Sunday we went to Cape Point. It was very hard, the spirit of death rose up against us. We had to fight spiritually against the atmosphere. It took quite a while for us to break through. As we blew the shofars, a swarm of seagulls came from the sea, and flew in a circular formation around our heads. I could feel how we were in the Throne room coming into agreement with the angels, elders, cloud of witnesses and living creatures about the will of YHVH over Africa. In one accord, we worshiped YHVH. My mom experienced how a cloud filled with the Blood of Yeshua started to roll over Africa.

All honour to YHVH Elohim that is releasing His Heart and Love over Africa. All honour to Holy Spirit that leads each one of us into the Heart of the Father drawing us to Yeshua. All honour to Yeshua who has opened the pathway for each one of us, so that we can follow in His footsteps into the Heart of the Father. All honour to Yeshua, the Heart of the Father Himself. All Honour to our Father who carries each one of us in His Heart, for He had loved us before we loved Him. Be strong in the Lord in the power of His Might, for His Joy will be our strength. Be made strong in the Saviour’s Love, for He is our Cornerstone. He is Lord, Lord of all. Worthy is the Lamb.

Our next stop was Jeffrey Bay for 4 days. The one morning, we went to Aston beach to pray. The Lord showed up in a Mighty way. He showered us with His treasures in the form of unbroken seashells which was being brought out by the sea in front of us. I saw how the Lord comes into our lives with the Blood of the Lamb – in an ocean filled with His love and mercy – bringing our treasures to the front. Unbroken and ready for use by the King. Each one unique and precious. The work of His hands is a masterpiece.  Our next stop was Mossel Bay for 3 days. The spiritual warfare there was the worst, but we learned so much. Even though we must die daily to self and take up our cross in Christ, we experienced the Lord in new ways. We very quickly learned to move into His rest, to be hidden in Him. It is here that we learned how precious the Body of Christ is, that your prayers are stored up for our time of need. When it felt that we could not go further, we could draw upon your prayers. Our bodies were so tired when I had asked all of you to pray for us. The next morning our bodies were ready to go again.

Our next stop was Plettenberg Bay for 4 days. The water spirits and spirit of religion rose up against us, but we overcame. There was no end in the Greatness of YHVH. One morning we went to the beach to pray. I took a photo of Michael; his reflection in the water was a clear mirror image of him with that of the clouds above him. When I saw the picture, I realized that we must be a reflection, a shadow, of the Kingdom of YHVH, of Yeshua Himself. The morning before we headed home, Holy Spirit lead us to a private secluded beach to pray. The astounding beauty took our breath away. It was as if we had found a piece of Eden before the fall. The handy work of the Master brought our whole experience together in His presence. As we prayed; took in the gates and declared, we could feel how everything was being anchored into the Rock of Ages. As we were bringing all your prayers before the Throne, we could feel how Heaven and earth was in unity over the will of YHVH over South Africa and Africa. The waves were breaking, a soft wind started to blow lightly upon us as we were praising the Almighty God, the sound reached new heights. YHVH’s presence was indescribable, His love unending. Only like a child can, Michael spontaneously ran into the ice-cold waves with his arms stretched out – excited about the waves. As I saw this, I moved into a place realizing that the two-weeks’ battles; exhausted bodies; taking in gates; blowing of the shofars in declaration; calling in souls; declaring the Fathers love; praying Word into the atmosphere; blessing the feet of the messengers and planting seeds, was only possible because of Yeshua’s love in obedience to the Father. This was only possible because YHVH embraced us in His arms. His Love and Mercy broke over us like waves breaking on the seashore. Nothing of these two weeks would have been possible without all of you walking with us on this journey. Your prayers and blessings daily went with us, every moment.  It is seed that can never be taken from you.

The water on the sand made the same mirror image again like 2 days before. With my hands stretched out high I echoed these words into the atmosphere: “We want to be Your shadow here on earth. You are the true Source of Life, Love and Joy in abundance. May we reflect Your Shadow as we walk out our journey. The Love of the Father is endless!” The next day we headed back home, which was another 2 days’ journey for us. On this mission we had, we carried the seeds, which were your prayers, with us. As we planted the Word we also planted your prayers.

Each dawn we are tested as to whether we would serve our own will and desires, or YHVH’s. It is YHVH’s greatest joy in the universe that we willingly choose to serve Him, YHVH created us to choose. Choose wisely each day and you can never fail Him. The greatest gift you can grant Him is your free choice to serve Him in obedience, which is, in turn, your true love to YHVH.

I want to thank every one of you from the bottom of our hearts. Your prayers carried us on this journey. You lifted our hands in time of need. I want to bless your seed that you sowed. I bless every seed – that it will produce a sweat harvest; that this seed will bring in many souls to the Kingdom of YHVH. I bless every soul that is to come, to experience the love of the Father. I bless your seed to multiply for generations to come. That your seed will grow deep into the Rock of I AM. I bless you with every spiritual blessing that is in Yeshua.

Lots of Love

Shama Shalom

Marikha and family.