Hungry for more of You Lord.

Hungry for more of You Lord. (Part 2)                                              07 January 2017                    


I saw a table before me as I was crying out to My Shepherd that I was hungry. As long as I can remember I was hungry. It feels like I never can be satisfied spiritually. I constantly cry out for more, (I remember that I was in a worship meeting this last year where I was crying out that I was so hungry for the Lord. I could feel the people steering at me, but I was so focused on my Father that I did not care). As I was once again was crying with all of me for the Bread of Live, I saw this table. The seats was made out of gold. The table looked as if it was made out of crystal. There were many seats and every seat had a name on it. The Lord invited me to sit on the chair that had my name on it. On the table was fresh Bread, Yeshuas Himself. It smelled so …. because it was so fresh. I do not know how to explain the fresh smell of the Bread of Life. The Lord said to me “if you are hungry you may eat, and you will never be hungry again.” I looked at my Abba Father and said, “I do not understand. Was I not eating of the Bread before?” my Abba smiled and said “yes you were, but like most of My children you were eating of the worlds table as well. But you have left the table of the world and have been sitting at My table for a while now.” I replayed “but why I am I still hungry if I am at Your table? I do not understand what I am doing wrong.” My Abba smiled at me and said “let Me show you how it works in the spirit.”

Behind me appeared a very large waterfall. It was a mighty sound. I went into the water. At first the water was so cold I could not move. But I wanted to go deeper. I cried out and said “help me, I want to go deeper. I want to drink of You where the Water is fresh.” I started to move towards the waterfall. As I got closer, the water began to get colder. I really struggled to move. The water was so cold it almost took my breath away. I cray out and said “I cannot breath, help me I need Your Breath in me. I want to drink of the Living Water”. At once His Breath entered my lungs and it gave me strength to move. I was stepping on rocks and I could feel my feat slipping. The water was so clear that I could see my feat. I was looking down and all I could see was slippery rocks. I cried out once again and said “please help me, I am going to slip and fall. Plant my feet on the Rock of I AM so that I will not be shaken. I desperately want to drink of the Living Water!” At once all of the small rocks came together and formed one big Rock for me to walk on. It was not slippery anymore, and with ease I walked towards the waterfall. As I got closer, finer water droplets started to splash on my face. The closer I got the harder the water droplets hit my face. I had to close my eyes and put my hands in front of my face because the droplets was hurting my face. I cried out and said “I cannot see where I am going. Please lead and guide me in Your ways. I want to drink of You!” At once, as my eyes were closed, I could see through them where I was going.

As I positioned myself under the waterfall, I opened my mouth and lifted my head and let the water fall into my mouth. It was a strange feeling, I could feel as the Living Water began to fill me. It was almost like a cars gas tank. It was as if I had a needle inside of me going from empty to full. When I could not drink anymore I looked and saw a bucket on the bank of the river. I took the bucket and started to walked to a crowd of people. When I got out of the water I could see that I was leaking. Out from my belly, streams of Living Water was flowing. I quickly took the bucket and held it in front of the streams of Living Water. As I walked to the crowd of people, each one took a ladle and dibbed it into the bucket and scooped some of the Water and drank it. When the bucket was empty and the stream stopped flowing, I knew I had to go back to the waterfall to fill myself up again. When I was near the river, I saw a Burning Bush. Holy Spirit told me to step into the Burning Bush. I stood frozen for a moment before I asked “Why?” Holy Spirit then said “I need to purify you. You need to be sanctified before you can enter the water again.” As I stepped into the Fire, the heat was excruciating. It felt like it will never stop. I could not wait to enter the cool water after the purifying section was over. I then entered the water. It was much colder than I remember from before and the process to reach the waterfall started all over again. This time I had less energy and it felt like a greater struggle than before. I realised that this is where most people give up. I cried out with everything inside of me “Please give me the strength to go on”. This was a beginning of a process to go on and on, but each process became more difficult than the previous one. Each time I reached the waterfall, my capacity to drink grew and I could hold more Living Water than the previous time.

(Remember this is a spiritual concept, so you can be able to eat and drink at the same time.)

As I sat at the crystal table and ate of the Bread of Life, my stomach started to swell. When I could not eat any more I got up and walked to a crowd of people. I open my mouth and started to speak. Chunks of Bread flew out of my mouth and I was so embarrassed. I tried to pick it up again. It was too heavy for me to lift. Suddenly I saw hands reaching for the Bread of Life. Every time I spoke, Bread of Life flew out of my mouth and people started to pick it up and eat it. My stomach started to shrink. I knew I had to get back to the table, for I was starting to get hungry again. The more I eat of the Bread of Life, the more I get hungry for Him. When I was near the table, I saw a Burning Bush. Holy Spirit told me to step into the Burning Bush. Once again I asked “Why?” Holy Spirit said “I need to purify you. You need to be sanctified before you can eat at the table again. Every time you enter into the All Consuming Fire, your capacity will increase to have intimacy and knowledge of the mysteries of Yeshua”. As I stepped into the Fire, the heat was excruciating. It felt like it will never stop. I longed for the fresh Bread as I allowed Holy Spirit to purify me. This process was also a cycle.

My prayer for you and me is that will never stop eating from the Bread of Live and constantly be drinking from the Living Water, the River of Salvation. For Yeshua’s flesh is real food and His Blood is real drink indeed.

Lord I ask that You will make us so hungry for You. That you will make us so thirsty for You. And that You will make our feet secure on the Rock of I AM that we may truly be able to follow Yeshua.

Shama Shalom

Marikha and Family.