New Season 10 August 2016

I would like to share the vision I had last night. : 27 July 2016

I saw myself standing above the earth and Abba Father’s hand was on a pile of papers. He started to through them down one by one to the earth. They were coming down at a very slow speed.

I asked Him what He was doing. Abba answered and said, “This is the revelation I am releasing to the earth”.

It looked like as if the wind came and made the page dance as they were falling down at a slower rate. I then realized the revelation that was been released was taking time before we received them. The next moment I heard a shofar been blown and Abba Father started to through down the pages at a much faster rate to the earth. He started to blow the pages with His breath. I got excited and asked Him why?

Abba answered and said, “In this last hour it is when great revelation will be realized. The book of Daniel is now opened. Everything that was locked will now be realized. People will receive the revelation in this time as it has never been seen before. Revelation will be poured over them. I will revel to them who I AM. In this hour My Son will also be revealed to them in a way which has never been done before. The full revelation of who I AM will come to all. The Fathers heart will be raveled and manifested. My Spirit will be revealed in a new level, which has never been seen before”.

I started to jump up and down. I were very excited to see the papers that was going down to the earth was the color of the rainbow. But then I saw the papers were just lying on the ground. All the revelation   that was falling from heaven was just lying there. I saw people were walking over them, taking no notice of them.

My heart was getting sore to see that the people were not picking them up. I started to cry. “What now Abba, why are they not been picked, but been trampled on?”

Abba put His arms around me and said, “Because they are not hungry for Me. The world is making them full. It is tradition, lack of knowledge and the pleasure of this world that are making them full. The spirit of religion is blinding them so that they do not realize what they are trampling on”.

I asked Abba Father “what must we do now so that the revelation cannot be trampled on?” Abba looked into my eyes and said, “There are people on the earth that is hungry for the Word who will pick them up. Look, they are sifting through the papers and will eat the revelation that have been trampled on. See how hungry they are. They are tasting the truth and can distinguish between falseness, spirit of religion and My Word. Just be hungry for the Word and I will come and fill you. This is the last hour the revelation will be poured out over the people in this way. The hungrier they are, the more they will want to eat. My revelation cannot satisfy them like the world can. It is the “SELF” in people that will say I have had enough. I will give each one the capacity to have an overload of the revelation, more than they can handle. Go and eat, be hungry. But remember the revelation will be a costly one once you receive it. You will have to live it and be a revelation to the world. The price will be high.”

Abba started to cry. His tears was as big as my fist. I got soaking wet as He was crying. I asked, “Abba why are You crying like that?” Abba looked directly into my eyes and said, “Few will come and eat, very few will choose to live out My revelation, few will pay the price. Lot of people will live and experience only the 2nde hand revelation from others.”

People, the hour has arrived, if we are not hungry, we will not receive anything. You will only get the left overs too eat. I pray that our spirit will get hungry and never get full, but will always long for more. May we be hungrier for YHVH than the food we eat.



New Season. 3 August 2016

This morning (3 August 2016) I am looking out through the window. The wind is blowing and it started to rain. Then the sun starts to shine again. It is very cold. We are in a new season and I can feel it in the spirit.

I hear Holy Spirit speaking to me and this is what I want to share with you this morning.

“Do you feel the change of the Winds My son and daughters? Do you feel it in the spirit? Do you know that I AM blowing upon you? Things that was will never be the same again. Even the earth is feeling the change in the spirit and is manifesting according to it. But do you feel it in the spirit? My daughter, I want you to come and stand in the mist of the Wind and allow Me to blow upon you. I have been waiting for eternity for this season to come. Where the son of the earth will be manifested, where they will grow up in maturity and they will take up their portion. There is a time you will sow and a time you will reap. Are your store houses full? Or are you living only for today? Is there abundance in you? Or are you stealing from others? The thing is that people do not look inside their spirit and feel the change. They are waiting for the church to announce it.  And now it is up to them and not all are ready for the new season.”

“I AM telling you today my daughter, season have changed. It will never be the same again. You cannot rely on the things that was, but on the things I taught you. I AM going to come and show you that everything is new.”

“There is a feast in heaven right now for the change that is coming in the spirit. We are celebrating the new season. It is not just the earth that is waiting for the sons to be manifested. We are waiting of it here in the heaven as well.”

The trumpet has been blown. The decree went out. It is done. This season of change will come and blow everything away that is not from Me. I AM going to put you into the Fire and you will burn. Everything that is not of Me will be burnt up. But that wat is pure and holy before Me will be refined like gold. I AM going to turn up the Fire 7 time in this season. Are you ready?”

“I AM going to pour out everything that I AM into My sons and daughters. They will grow up into maturity in Me. The time has come for My sons and daughter to stand up and fulfil their destiny’s. But so many are saying “no Lord, give us little more time.” But I AM saying “No there is no more time!” For millenniums We have been waiting. And now it is here. But there is still some standing on the outside looking in. I AM telling you that time is up. You are either to come into the spirit and fulfill your destiny or walk a very lonely life on this earth.”

“I want to come and give you everything that is yours now before you die. What is the purpose of living if you do not have everything now? I AM going to teach My sons and daughters how to bring everything into fulfillment. The Winds are blowing and the seasons are changing and it is okay if you do not know what season is coming next. Because the enemy does not even know. I AM telling you the fulfillment is upon the earth, fulfilment in lives. In My sons and daughters the Spirit will rise up and they will walk out their destiny. Do not look around to see what the others are doing. Focus on Me.”

“I AM writing in your book of life. I AM writhing what I need of you, and what I need is what the Body needs of you as well. Just take hold of it, and say “YES”! Do not do it for our own glory, for your glory will be burnt up. But it is My Glory that will stand for ever. Great things are going to happen on the earth. Do not stop to intercede. Do not stop weeping, but also be joyful in Me. Your spirit is the one I AM calling right now. Embrace this change, this season, for it is upon you and you cannot stop it anymore. You are either in Me or you are out there. There is no more in-between. You will either be swept away by the floods that are coming or stand secure in My Wind and Fire. Let Me take you now into the storm before it is too late. Rejoice in this season, but weep for those that are not in it. My tears are big, because not all are hearing My call saying “come closer to Me.”

“But there is still time Lord, but Lord there is still time” I hear my children say. But I say today, there is no more time, no more, what is left in you, that you will reap. Do not stop coming to me, do not stop emptying yourself. I AM telling you the time is upon you. No one has ever seen what I AM going to do. I will manifest Myself in many great ways, like the prophet in the bible. I will collect all I have done in the New and Old Testament, and do it in this season. Come, come and let Me blow on you like the Mighty Wind that I AM. Let the sheaves open and let the dust go. It is time for the first fruits harvest to fulfill itself completely. There is still time to come and open your spirit to Me. Feel the Winds. Feel the change and embrace it even if you do not know what it is. Trust Me completely. For I AM the one who will be beside you all the days of your life.”

“I will never leave nor forsake you. I will not even loosen my grip upon you. I say surely to you, I will not let you go. Even if it feels you are slipping. I have you. I have got you and there is time, there is still time for you to walk in your destiny. I AM calling, because it is time.”

Shama Shalom

Marikha and Family

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