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Blessed is the one who endures all kind of trials

12 September 2019

About two years ago the Lord gave me a word, but He did not allow me to release it until now. I was talking to Holy Spirit about my day. There was so much joy and gratefulness in my heart. But suddenly, I could feel that the atmosphere was changing. I could feel that Holy Spirit was grieved. My heart became heavy as Holy Spirit said to me:

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What does it mean to wrestle with YHVH as Jacob did?                                                       

05 December 2018

I have been finding myself at the feet of my King crying on behalf of the body of Christ constantly. YHVH took me to a place that seems forgotten and showed me the condition of His body here on earth.  I find myself weeping, for His body is broken and in disunity.  My Beloved Yeshua was weeping with me as we were looking at this mutilated body that is called the body of Christ, the Church.  Every tear that ran down my Beloved's face was a prayer ascending before the throne of YHVH.

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Obedience to the King.  On our way to Malawi.                                                                       

13 July 2018

Meanwhile on the other side of the road, as the group was still praying, a short, but very powerful lady and deeply in love with Yeshua, whom we all love and adore and call Tannie Hantie, was busy ministering to a prodigal son who has lost his way in this world. Her gentle mothering heart embraced a son that felt unremembered and insignificant and gave him guidance only as a mother could with the wisdom of Holy Spirit.

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Deep Cries out to Deep                                                                         

09 May 2018

Then I was back on the building site with those scaffolding structures surrounding me.  The scaffolding changed into the hands of Abba and then changed again into steel beams.  "I will keep you upright as long as you are in Me and I AM in you.  As long as I AM in you and you are in Me, the enemy will never be able to destroy that which I AM building.  Even if the enemy comes in like a flood and try to destroy the destiny I have given you, he will not succeed because I will keep you upright."

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Fragrance of Christ                                                                                 

09 November 2017

My curiosity quickly got the best of me and I went to another wooden door, wondering what beautiful treasure might lie on the other side.  This door was heavier than the previous one.  I leaned into push the door open, but it would only open slightly. I leaned in again trying harder to open the door and as the door opened very slowly, the same bright light touched my face.

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Mozambique 2017 - How do you Hold on to a Promise for Ten Years?                               

15 August 2017

A week before we went to Mozambique, I was still very unsure if this was the right thing to do. I have been fighting many giants to get to this place.  Even now, as I'm writing to you, the ancient enemy is rising up against me.  I have learnt that tears pave the way for you to bring a sacrifice of love unto the King.

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The Kingdom of YHVH

15 June 2017

I saw the cross, Yeshua was hanging on it. And around Him was many angels crying and weeping. They did not fully understand the price the Saviour was about to pay so that we might become sons and daughters of the Most High God. As I walked to the cross, I saw my Beloved’s eyes. He said to me "Come up here and see what I see

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How do you describe the presence of YHVH?

18 April 2017

All honour to Yeshua, the Heart of the Father Himself. All Honour to our Father who carries each one of us in His Heart, for He loved us before we had loved Him. Be strong in the Lord in the power of His Might, for His Joy will be our strength. Be made strong in the Saviour’s Love, for He is our Cornerstone. He is Lord, Lord of all. Worthy is the Lamb.

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A Surrendered Heart               

01 April 2017

My Father looked me straight into my eyes with so much composition and said do not love your dreams more than Me. I will not ask you to do something if it is not going to benefit Me. Trust Me. If there is nothing left in the end, I will give you a new dream.”

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Hungry for more of You Lord. (Part 2)                    

07 January 2017

My prayer for you and me is that will never stop eating from the Bread of Live and constantly be drinking from the Living Water, the River of Salvation. For Yeshua’s flesh is real food and His Blood is real drink indeed.

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Body of Christ (Part 1)                             

07 January 2017

Some are going to die in the wilderness. Many are even going to turn back. It is a place of inconvenience. It is a place where you are going to be more uncomfortable than ever before. But from the wilderness they are going to feast upon the Lamb and there they will go out and do as their King commands them. They will go out in peace and will yield fruit in every season.

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The Mercy of a King             

19 October 2016

For I long time I was like Judas, betraying my King and proclaiming I was walking in the Light

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The Neshamah of God- the breath of God           

 14 September 2016

True anointing is birthed inside of your inner most parts and the Neshamah of God- the breath of God is what gives it live in your life

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New Season

10 August 2016

Feel the Winds. Feel the change and embrace it even if you do not know what it is. Trust Me completely. For I AM the one who will be beside you all the days of your life.”

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The braids cup/ Love cup and Yeshua’s first miracle.

09 August 2016

Matt 26:29 “But I say to you, I will not drink of this fruit of the vine from now on until that day when I drink it new with you in My Fathers kingdom”.  For they will only drink from the love cup again once they are together again.

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My Love is Holy.

06 May 2016

My Love is My Holiness. Out of My Love flows rivers of peace, fullness of life and unstoppable joy. As you enter into Me, My Love will start to cover you, spirit, soul and body. It is a Holy Love that I have for you.

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Blessing those who Follow Yeshua.

4 March 2016

Rise up Yeshua Followers, and follow Him into the heart of the Father.                                                                                                                                                                    Rise up sons of YHVH, and proclaim the Word of the Lord to the nations.

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You must overcome.

4 March 2016

I was recently in a battle more intense than I ever experienced before. It was literally a battle in the spirit manifesting in the natural. It felt as if everyone I knew was fighting something in the spirit and satan wanted to stop what was going to happen in the next two days.

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Entering into the Holy of Holies -

24 January 2016

“ Do you see the outer court? This is where the orphan spirit worships Me. They are saved. Some even walk in their destinies, but they do not live in My fullness. They do not live a Kingdom life here on earth.

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New beginnings -

14 January 2016

When a child is born, the world is altered in an instant. A new voice is heard. New life comes into being. Years later we pause and say, yes, that is when it all began, on that day. Birth is the smallest, most magnificent and greatest of miracles that is to come.

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Word on the meaning of the date chosen for the launch 

08 January 2016

Marikha told me that the Lord was insistent about the specific date to be chosen for the launch.  As I was wondering about this later on, God revealed to me that the year, month and day He had chosen all had a hidden meaning

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Preparing for the birth -

3 January 2016

At the beginning of 2015, a word of Wisdom came to a man of God that was prophesying over me. For almost 3 and a half years the Lord had been preparing me to stand in a ministry.

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