The Kingdom of YHVH


The Kingdom of YHVH

For a while now the Lord has been asking me to write about this vision.  I can feel Holy Spirit stirring inside of me.

The Lord has been challenging me this past year to see through His eyes. When man fell with sin, his eyes became corrupted. He would seek after the flesh and the lust of the eyes and forget to look into the eyes of the One who created him.

In order to see through Father’s eyes, you have to understand something about His Kingdom. This is what I’ve been struggling with. What does Kingdom look like?

It is clear Kingdom does not look like the things that we see in the natural. We will not be able to understand it with our physical mind. We have to look within, see with our spiritual eyes, because His Kingdom is spirit and His Kingdom looks totally different to what we see in the natural world around us. We have this preconceived idea of what Kingdom is, that it is somehow rooted in something we can build here on earth, but it is exactly the opposite. Physical hands cannot build anything into the Kingdom of YHVH. It is only with our spirit and soul that we can become Living Stones that will be grafted into the New Jerusalem, the temple where the King will rule and reign. It is with our spirit and soul that we can offer daily sacrifices of dying to self and becoming more Christ like. Eventually it will flow over into our body and daily life.

The Father’s eyes are beautiful, full of brilliant gemstones and Fire, but His eyes only see one colour, the colour of the Blood of the Lamb.

Yeshua has already paid the price by becoming the sacrifice for me.  Father was challenging me to start seeing through His eyes.

You should know that if you pray a prayer, that prayer will be answered in due course. So, I was asking the Lord to let me see Kingdom come, to let me see His Kingdom here on earth through His eyes, so that I could die to self and fleshy desires. I wanted to start living a Kingdom Life here on earth, not just as an ambassador, but as an empty vessel ready to be filled with Kingdom purpose in the service of the King.

The prayers you pray look like a scroll wrapped around an arrow. When you pray, this prayer arrow shoots through the air with lightning speed into the Throne Room.  It goes into a big Golden Bowl, and the angels read it out loud. Even when we worship and sing a song like “I Surrender”, this too is a prayer and the Lord will also answer it.

To live a life fully surrendered unto the King, you will have to pay the price of giving up something of the flesh and the natural world. The reward is being able to go deeper into the spirit and be rooted deeper into the Rock of I AM.  Everything in Kingdom, every prayer, our worship, every outcry, has a price.  I’ve come to that place where no price is too high a price for me to pay. I even want my life to be a sacrifice unto the King.

I’m prepared to pay the price to see Kingdom. I desire to have the eyes of my Father and see those He loves so much through His eyes.  I entered into worship. I was astonished at what I saw.

I saw the cross.  Yeshua was hanging on it. Around Him were many angels crying and weeping. They did not fully understand the price the Saviour had to pay for us to become sons and daughters of the Most High God. As I walked to the cross, I saw my Beloved’s eyes. He said to me, “Come up here and see what I see”.  I saw every generation, every person that would ever be born into the world. Those who were, and those who are, and those who are to come, were all standing before Him in spirit. “This is the reward of my suffering” He said. “This is My sacrifice unto the Father.”

Every tribe, tongue and nation, men and woman, young and old stood before Him. Every person beheld the King. I saw how Yeshua was being poured out over them. “I love them with an Everlasting Love. Nothing can separate them from My love anymore.” I saw how the angels were standing with Golden bowls, catching the Blood of the Lamb. Not one drop was wasted. The Blood spoke. Out of the Blood came words. It cried out “Have mercy! Mercy, mercy, mercy. Forgive, forgive. You are forgiven, covered, healed, protected and reconciled.”

I saw how the Demons stood in the background, not wanting to come near the Blood, the great sacrifice that was being shed for humans. The atonement they will never be able to receive. The angels took the bowls up to heaven once they were filled. Not even the demons tried to stop them. The power of the Blood was great then, and it still is now.

Yeshua asked, “Do you see all these generations that are standing before me, those who were, and are and are to come? It is for them that I will rise again. I will conquer death so that I can reconcile them to the Father, for I love My Father even unto death.”

I was standing before Him now, in front of the multitude of people. I was crying for I now understood that I was one of the multitude that He had died for. His love was for me and the one standing next to me, and the one behind me, and the one at the back, way back.  There was no division anymore! My heart started to cry out, “Here is the Lamb who was slain, He is worthy!”

I could not stop crying for the Lord started to break my heart for the nations, for many people. One by one the Lord started to show me faces. How He longed for them to come into the safety of His heart. I saw the Saviour’s face, beaten and bruised, but full of compassion and love. His eyes longed for them to know Him intimately.  There was a deep yearning inside of Him crying out for the lost souls of man. I saw tears running down His face, silent prayers that speak loudly in the spirit.

“Who will go out and bring Me the reward of my suffering?” asked Yeshua.

In the spirit I saw how Father was crying and walking to His Beloved Son, thanking Him for His sacrifice.

I understood for the first time why the Lord says, “He has new mercy for us every day”. Grace was given once for all of us to benefit from grace for eternity. The judgement of man passes over to the Lamb every time we repent. That is Grace, freely given in love to us so that we can walk in righteousness and become whole and free. We are enabled to live a holy life as He is Holy. Mercy is given to us daily, every morning it is new. New Mercy so that we can fight the good fight of faith. New Mercy to get up when we are tired. New Mercy to pray for our loved ones so that they can also receive the gift of grace. New Mercy so that we can enter boldly before our Father and ask for grace.

Through Yeshua’s sacrifice the atonement of my sins was made complete. The only thing the Lord required of me was to be obedient, to die to self and to love the lost, as well as the saved.

Now, sometimes when I enter into the presence of the Lord, He will keep on showing me the faces of the lost. I will once again see Yeshua on the cross, see His tears, and hear His heart crying out for them to come to the Father. My tears will become prayers, and my heart starts to love them as the Father loves them. I will feel compassion for them. I see them through His eyes. I see them through the Blood, not as sinners, but as the sons and daughters of the Living God who longs for them to receive Grace and to come home. I even sometimes see those who are saved but have backslidden or are in darkness. I see how Father cries for them and how He loves them. Part of Father’s Kingdom purpose for us is to understand His mercy and love for us, and to understand the Love Yeshua has for us, as well as to see those around us in a new way, to experience love like never before and to have a compassionate heart.

Colossians 1:9-10 For this reason, since the day we heard about you, we have not stopped praying for you. We continually ask God to fill you with the knowledge of His will through all the wisdom and understanding that the Spirit gives, so that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and please Him in every way: bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God.

I want to bless you today to receive new eyes, so that you can see those around you as the Father sees them. I want to bless you to receive a new heart, to have compassion for the lost, and have compassion for those who are saved. I want to bless you to receive the Revelation of Mercy, and to go before your King and ask for mercy for yourself, mercy for those you love, mercy for the body of Christ and mercy for the lost. I bless you to have the capacity to receive the mercy and to give it freely.


Marikha and family